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What is WordPress

What is web design? Website Designing

The term web design is generally used to describe the designing process relating to the front-end design/ UI of a website including writing HTML & CSS. Website design involves many different skills and expertise in the building and maintenance of websites.

What is WordPress? WordPress Definition

WordPress is a content management system [CMS] based on PHP and MySQL. It is an open source blogging software and framework used for website development. This platform is highly scalable. The main purpose of a CMS is to be an easy tool that everybody can use to create their own website by the easiest way possible.

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Why WordPress? WordPress Benefits

WordPress is the most popular open source [FREE] CMS available and shares more than 40% of all the open source software. WordPress is an easy to use & maintain, dynamic, customizable, flexible, low cost, secure, SEO friendly and also have endless number of plugins, modules and extensions available to make your website functionality rich.


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